Gallup Poll Shows Historic Support for Legal Pot, Even Among GOP


A majority of recently surveyed Americans believe it should be legal to relax with marijuana – including Republicans.

Gallup’s latest survey has put the political establishment on notice. In addition to determining that 64 percent of surveyed Americans support legalizing adult-use cannabis – Gallup has discovered the roots of legalization have crossed the political divide.

A potential disruptor in the vacillating world of politics – where polls determine policy – Gallup’s new survey unearthed some welcome data points. A majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents support marijuana reform.

Support for Marijuana Legalization by Political Affiliation

51% of Republicans support legalizing marijuana
67% of Independents support legalizing marijuana
72% of Democrats support legalizing marijuana

For their 2017 survey, Gallup polled 1,028 adults from all 50 states between October 5-11.

First asked in 1969 – “Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal, or not? – the initial response was less than supportive. As America became entrenched in the Vietnam War and 350,000 music fans attended Woodstock, only 12 percent of those surveyed in 1969 supported the outright legalization of marijuana.

According to the Gallup organization, the trend is hard to miss: “As efforts to legalize marijuana at the state level continue to yield successes, public opinion, too, has shifted toward greater support.”

A potential wake-up call for the Trump Administration and its Department of Justice, Gallup concluded their survey by noting: “Attorney General Jeff Sessions could find himself out of step with his own party if the current trends continue.”